I'll admit that the whole medical industry can be very frustrating at times, especially in a hospital emergency room but these actions by an Illinois woman are inexcusable.

Patient Causes Major Problem At Illinois Hospital Emergency Room

The incident just happened a few days ago at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox. A woman from Romeoville went to the emergency room for an undisclosed ailment. Apparently, she wasn't happy with the service because she caused a big scene which wasn't really necessary. It ended up getting her arrested.

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One of the emergency room doctors wanted some urine tests done so a nurse brought in a cup to collect a sample to be tested. That's when this whole day took a major turn. The patient started to freak out. She lost her mind.

Arrested woman in handcuffs behind her back
Illinois Woman Arrested For Throwing Urine And Racial Slurs

Illinois Woman Freaks Out In Hospital Emergency 

The first thing the woman did was grab the cup with the urine in it. She started throwing the pee at the emergency room staff. I understand they probably see crazy stuff all the time but this is downright gross. That wasn't all, she even got crazier.

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The next step for our subject was she started yelling and screaming at the hospital staff. That turned into her calling out workers with racial slurs. That's when the police were called and she was arrested. Luckily, no one was hurt and she was charged with a hate crime. She would've been better off by just keeping her mouth shut.

According to patch.com,

 A Romeoville woman faces battery and hate crime charges after an encounter with medical staff at Silver Cross Hospital.


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