A national touring comedian is writing a new book and he's looking for your help with content.

Comedian With Connections To Illinois And Wisconsin

The story of Jeremy "Jerdog" Danley is an interesting one. He's a popular national touring comedian. He was born and raised in Iowa but he had the dream to make it in show business. Danley moved to Chicago and started doing comedian shows anywhere and everywhere, especially in Illinois and Wisconsin. Jerdog created an amazing niche for himself. It's the "Pub And Grub Comedy Tour."

According to barcomedyusa.com, 

Entertaining The Missed Masses at Nightclubs, Taverns, and Neighborhood Restaurants & Bars Located In The Nooks & Crannies of America.

Nowadays, not only is he performing in these places but he also books shows for many other national touring comedians. It proves you don't have to sell out arenas to be a successful comic. Jeremy gets to do what he loves for a career. Now, he's about to add another chapter in his life.

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Author Looking For Best IL & WI Bar Food

Popular National Touring Comedian To Become An Author

Jerdog has decided it's time for him to write a book. He's spent a lot of time in small towns playing in dive bars. Besides entertaining the customers and enjoying some free adult beverages, Danley is a big fan of the bar food. You can never go wrong with a burger served in a local tavern. Plus, all the other tasty choices.

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Book About The Best Bar Food

Since Jeremy has eaten so much bar food in his life, he considers himself an expert. That's what the book is going to be about. This new author will be writing about the best bar food in America. Sounds like a delicious idea to me. Of course, he needs your help.

Nominate Your Favorite Bar Food To Be Included In New Book

Jerdog wants to know what you think. Nominate your favorite bar food to be included in this new book. Wouldn't that be cool to see your neighborhood tavern get some national recognition? To give him your choice, HERE.

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