If you enjoy traveling in Illinois by train, you better take a look at these new rules because breaking them could get you banned from riding.

There Are Rules For Riding The Train In Illinois?

I've taken the train in Illinois many times in my life, especially in Chicago. It does make traveling a lot easier when avoiding heavy traffic. For the most part to me, it seemed like kind of a free-for-all with the passengers. The conductor didn't do anything unless someone was doing something dangerous and against the law. At times, it felt like we were headed to spring break instead of the city.

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The New Rules For Riding The Train In Illinois

According to fox32chicago.com,

Metra is adopting a new passenger code of conduct and for the first time ever, it can be reinforced with rider suspensions or confiscated fare cards.

Suspensions can range from 10 days to one year, with repeat offenders getting more time. Metra will also maintain a database of those that violate the new protocols.

Banned From Illinois Train
Banned From Illinois Train
  • Threatening other passengers and employees.
  • Physically harming other passengers and employees.
  • Verbally abusing other passengers and employees.
  • Possession and using weapons.
  • Throwing objects.
  • Spitting on other passengers and employees.
  • Public indecency.
  • Sexual assault.

Other Important Train Riding Info

  • Breaking these rules can also result in criminal charges.
  • Eleven separate train lines serve Chicago and one hundred surrounding communities.
  • 300,000 riders each week.

These rules are all common sense and, sadly, they have to make them official because some people can be so awful.

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