You have to be a serious criminal if you're going to attempt a crime like stealing a whole ATM Machine from a business in Illinois.

Thieves Steal Whole ATM Machine From Business In Illinois

It seems like, over the last couple of years, more and more thieves have been ripping off ATM machines from Illinois businesses. I'm not talking about taking the money out of the unit. No, they are stealing the whole thing.

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If you take a deep dive into the situation, you can see that it's a serious move. First of all, the machines are usually inside a locked building or attached to one, so you can just grab it and run. They're locked up like a safe, so that's not easy to break in for the actual money. I would call that a big job and I don't believe the payoff is worth it.

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Don't worry, there are plenty of dumb criminals that will give it a shot. Of course, they won't get caught like everyone else. Hopefully, they're wearing a nice outfit because they'll be caught on camera during the act.

Stolen IL ATM (ThinkStock)

The latest stolen ATM machine happened on Milwaukee Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. A group of three thieves broke into a smoke shop. Maybe, they were upset about all the extra fees that had to pay to use it.

They smashed the glass door, grabbed the money machine, and took off. They didn't take anything else from the store. Not even a snack for later. The incident was caught on security cameras. The local police are investigating.

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