The demand for the most popular restaurant in Illinois has gotten so big that Portillo's will be making a huge expansion throughout the whole United States.

The History Of Portillo's In Illinois

It's funny because I'm a huge fan of Portillo's and the popular Illinois restaurant got its start in my hometown of Villa Park. In the beginning, it was just a small hot dog cart. It would expand to a normal restaurant. Then, opening several locations throughout Chicagoland. It grew such a big tasty reputation when visitors from all over the world would come to the area, it was on their bucket list of stops.

Portillo's became so popular in Illinois, that they started opening more locations in other Illinois cities like Rockford. The business was selling its products through mail order. That way fans wouldn't have to travel to Chicago to get their Italian beef fix. The restaurant hasn't stopped growing. You can now find locations in other states.

Major Expansion Coming For Portillo's

The next step in growing of the Portillo's brand came in 2021 when the company went public and earned millions of dollars. That gave them the financial security to open new locations throughout the United States. Currently, there are seventy-seven restaurants but many more will be opening soon.

According to, 

The Oak Brook-based Portillo's chain has upped the ante on growth, planning to open 920 new locations nationwide in the next 20 years.


We're going where people are, we're going where people are moving, we're going where people are demanding our food.

Portillo's plans to open 800 full restaurants along with 120 pick-up and drive-through-only locations. That means foodies all over the United States will be able to get a little taste of Illinois' delicious foods.

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