This grandma in Illinois has some very "special' ingredients in her cookies.

What's Your Grandma Like?

Unfortunately, neither of my grandmas is with us anymore. I've got some great memories of them though. I wouldn't consider them the typical grandmothers. They both were quite different. One of them enjoyed drinking Old Style beer (regular not light), watching the Chicago Cubs, eating Italian beef sandwiches, and sleeping in (she stayed up late listening to AM talk radio). The other one dressed like a gypsy, loved shopping, and traveled all over the world. Speaking of not acting like a normal grandma, check out this lady.

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Illinois Police Arrest Grandma For Dealing Drugs

When it comes to drug dealers, a grandma is the last person I would suspect. Maybe, that was this woman's cover to try and get away with it. Bloomington police recently arrested Sandra Lewis (77 years old at the time of her arrest). The authorities picked her up for unlawful possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver (Class X felony). The suspect was busted with more than 200 grams of synthetic cannabinoids. She was bringing it to inmates at a local prison. Nice side hustle grandma.

Bloomington Is Surprisingly Sketchy

I spent some time in the Bloomington - Normal area. I went to school at Illinois State University. Since it's a big college town, you would think the community would be pretty nice. I was surprised to find out that there were some very sketchy neighborhoods. I laughed when I saw this story because one of my roommates used to buy pot from an old dude that he nicknamed Grandpa Weed.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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