When it comes to eating out in Illinois, many consumers have decided to hit up local food trucks for their meals.

Food Trucks Have Become Very Popular In Illinois

Doesn't it seem like everywhere you look in Rockford, there's a new food truck popping up? They're on street corners, parking lots, and festivals throughout the area. Foodies love them. It makes total sense because the food is usually so delicious. I wanted to get some recommendations so I did a social media survey. I found out some great places to try out. Check out the complete list, HERE.

10 Popular "Must-Try" Food Trucks In Illinois

# 1 Cheezy's Grilled Cheese

  • I recently tried this one and it was delicious.

# 2 The Olive Branch Greek Food Truck

  • This truck has been around for a while and has a great reputation.

# 3 Welpah Food Truck

  • I haven't had an opportunity to try their food yet but I look forward to it.

# 4 Kodai Japanese Food Truck

  • Another place added to my "must-try" list.

# 5 Bings Drive-In

  • The former drive-in now has it's own food truck and I'm super excited.

# 6 VeeDubs Mobile Cocktail Bar

  • This is a little bit different because they serve drinks instead of food.

# 7 Sizz N Fizz

  • I've experienced their food a few times and it's always been good.

# 8 Big D's Hot Dogs

  • Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up with this food truck soon.

# 9 Kabao 815

  • Another food stand that always has a line at events.

# 10 Olivio Taco Truck

  • You can never go wrong with a taco food truck.

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