Drunk people in Illinois will do some crazy things but this woman must've been hungry because she bit a police officer on the arm.

Illinois Police Officer Bitten By Drunk Woman

I'll admit, when I was younger I enjoyed going out to booze it up and have a good time. I don't think there's anything wrong with that as you're being safe and not hurting anyone including yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes the alcohol can help make you get a little out of control.

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Over the weekend, a woman in Joliet decided to go out and have a few cocktails. She broke a major rule of partying. After getting drunk, she got behind the wheel of her vehicle and drove it. Remember, don't drink and drive. There are so many other options out there to get home safe. That was just a dumb move by this lady.

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The suspect was driving through her neighborhood when she decided it was time for a little break. This woman stopped in the middle of the road and put the car in park. It must've been nap time because the driver fell asleep while still at the wheel of her vehicle.

Drunk Illinois Driver (Getty)
Drunk Illinois Driver (Getty)

Someone on the block noticed the car parked in the middle of the street so they of course called the local police. When officers arrived, they saw our hero fast asleep in the driver's seat so they went over to investigate.

When the police got to the vehicle, it smelled like weed. When they woke up the suspect, it must've scared her because she immediately lost her mind. The driver bit the first officer in the arm and then threw a big elbow into the face of a second. It was like an old-school professional wrestling match.


The officers got her to finally settle down and they performed sobriety tests which she completely failed. The suspect went to jail and that's how she got to spend the rest of her weekend. Not a smart move on her part.

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