These 3 Illinois criminals hanging out at a bowling alley parking lot had no intention of playing but instead were arrested for drugs and guns in a stolen vehicle.

Suspicious Characters Spotted In Illinois Bowling Alley Parking Lot

A squad car was patrolling the Bowlero (bowling center) in Naperville when they spotted something suspicious about a vehicle in the parking lot. There were three men just hanging out and didn't seem interested in any of the entertainment going on inside the building.

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The officers called in the license plates of the car which were temporary ones. Of course, the tags didn't match the vehicle so they started to approach the suspects. The police blocked the exit so the driver tried to back-up in another direction. He hit a couple of cars while trying to escape. Finally, they decided to run.

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IL Car Thieves Arrested At Bowling Alley With Drugs And Guns

Illinois Criminals Arrested In Bowling Alley Parking Lot

The suspects jumped out of the stolen vehicle and attempted to run away. Fortunately, the cops were able to catch the car thieves before they took off running. Once, they secured the thieves, the police were able to search their getaway car.

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Besides finding out the fact the vehicle was "hot," the officers also found some other interesting contraband. There were a bunch of illegal drugs including weed, coke, and heroin. Also, several illegally loaded machine guns with ammunition. They were arrested. I don't this crew ever had any intention to actually for bowling.

According to,

Three men face multiple felony charges after police seized "multiple loaded machine guns," cocaine, heroin, ecstasy pills, and a stolen car in the parking lot of Bowlero in Naperville Saturday.


Public safety is the top priority of my office and the allegations that these three men unlawfully possessed extremely dangerous, fully loaded weapons, two of which that are capable of firing as a machine gun, at a family-friendly entertainment facility are alarming,

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