This thief in Illinois has been nominated as the dumb criminal of the week for his latest attempt to break the law with a stupid crime.

Failed Burglary Attempt Of Illinois Bakery Caught By Security Camera

The majority of crimes committed in Illinois nowadays are not smart. The suspects usually get caught for some sort of dumb reason. For an attempt to be called an epic fail has to be bad and this one fits the category perfectly.

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This thief's plan is so wrong from the beginning. He's attempting to rob a locally owned bakery in Chicago. How profitable could that be? Especially, when the majority of people pay with cards and not cash.

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Since there was a previous break in the bakery was secure from any normal way of entering the building. So this thief, thought it would be a good idea to go through the ceiling. Once again, not a good move. Especially, if you're not familiar with the construction of the place.

Robbery (477945005)
IL Bakery Robbery (Alex_Schmidt)

As the thief tries crawling through the ceiling to enter the bakery, he breaks through the tile and crashes to the floor. Now, he's injured and destroyed property. I don't think the suspect has insurance to cover either issue. After all that, he walks away with nothing but a bruised ego.

The whole thing is caught on security camera footage. There's the evidence to arrest him. Maybe, he can win the "America's Dumbest Criminal Video" contest to help pay for his lawyer once he gets arrested.


Here's the best part. This is the second time the guy has broken into the bakery. Hey, it worked the 1st time, so you should try it again. What an idiot. Now, the poor owners have to deal with the aftermath.

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