The arrest of a campaign worker in Illinois before the latest election just adds to the unpopularity of politics in our state.

Illinois Politics Could Be Made Into A Sitcom

I do vote but I'm far from a political person. When I think about the history of politics in the Land of Lincoln it makes me laugh. How many politicians from Illinois have gone to jail? Definitely, an embarrassing number which is way too many. Corruption is probably one of the at least top ten things our state is known for. That's nothing to be proud of.

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Not All Illinois Politicians Are Bad

Don't get me wrong, there are some very good politicians in Illinois too. They do a lot of great things for our state. Of course, a few bad eggs ruin it for everyone. Unfortunately, they don't get as much publicity as the bad ones.

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Illinois Political Campaign Worker Arrested

Many Illinois Residents Don't Vote

I think it's kind of strange. Not a lot of people vote in Illinois. The numbers keep getting lower and lower for voter turnout each year. Unless it's a big presidential race. I believe the residents are over all the corruption through the years in the Land of Lincoln so they unfortunately don't care anymore. That's just sad.

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Another Reason Illinois Residents Aren't Fans Of Voting

I also think that Illinois residents are also tired of the dirty campaigning. You shouldn't have to smear someone's reputation to get into office. Followers are trying to pull off tricks all the time. You hear more and more about the opposition vandalizing or stealing candidate signs. The latest stunt got someone arrested.

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A man running for the village board of Bensenville hired a couple of gentlemen to be late-night campaign workers. Yeah, I know. It already sounds shady. He printed out thousands of negative flyers about his opponent. He then had special service employees go up to houses and tape them to their doors. The boss didn't have the pair do it until after midnight. This caused some major commotion in the neighborhood.

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The Ring doorbell cameras and other security systems were going off because of the unexpected visitors. This woke up some of the residents and they weren't happy. They called the police and were arrested. Who in their right mind would do that?

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Say cheese, Illinois!