If you're going to drink alcohol, make sure you don't act like a complete idiot once you're wasted.

Do You Remember Your First Beer?

When I see someone drunk and acting like a fool in public, the first thing that pops into my head is "I remember my first beer." A lot of people in Illinois including myself, have experienced the whole drinking way too much scenario when they boozing it up. The key is to make sure you don't pull any uncool stunts that get you in trouble down the road.

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IL vs. WI DUI Arrest
Drunk Illinois Woman Arrested

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Illinois Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving

The incident occurred on Saturday morning just before lunchtime. This woman from Romeoville decided it was the perfect time to drive drunk through Joliet. That's just the beginning of her incident.

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As this drunk lady was driving through town she ended up crashing into a parked car. That took some serious skill. A witness called the police to report the accident. When officers arrived on the scene, they realized the suspect was wasted. When the cops tried arresting her, the girl resisted arrest and started a huge commotion.

According to patch.com, 

Mietkiewicz kicked an officer in the leg while the officer was attempting to search her following the arrest.


Joliet police noted that Mietkiewicz was cited for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident, No Valid Driver’s License, Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, and Illegal Transportation of Alcohol by Driver. Her vehicle was towed from the scene.

Besides being arrested for drunk driving and kicking a police officer, the woman also was traveling with open alcohol.

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