Leaving any event at Wrigley Field is very chaotic and unfortunately, an Illinois pedicab driver was hit by a drunk bus driver after a recent concert.

Wrigleyville Is Insane During The Summer

Hanging out in Wrigleyville is a fun time during the summer. There's so much going on. It's like a festival every night of the week. There are Chicago Cubs games, concerts, and numerous other events. Even on the nights when there are no activities, people are still out and about partying. It can get pretty insane at times. I highly suggest not driving anywhere near the place. There are just way too many drunk people.

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Now, imagine being there during a huge event like a concert. There are fans everywhere. The most recent show was two nights of Dead and Company (the latest incarnation of the Grateful Dead). People travel from all over the world to see that band. Especially, at a legendary venue like Wrigley Field. Some people don't even care if they make it inside to see the group. Those folks just enjoy the atmosphere.

Hippie Bus Runs Over Bike Outside Of Wrigley Field
Hippie Bus Runs Over Bike Outside Of Wrigley Field

Drunk Bus Driver Runs Over Bike Cab Driver After Wrigley Field Concert

A great way to get around the Wrigleyville area is by bike cab. I call them a rickshaw. The official name is pedicab. They can maneuver through traffic and are not too expensive for a ride. Plus, it's a lot better than walking. Especially, if you have to go pretty far. The official vehicle of Deadheads is the hippie bus. Unfortunately, there was an incident of bike cab versus hippie bus after the concert

According to cbsnews.com,

The driver of one of those hippie buses apparently had way too much to drink during the show. As he was trying to leave the area, he ran into a couple of parked cars. Then, he preceded to run over a rickshaw. He even mouthed he was sorry to the rider before smashing into her. The suspect didn't even stop. Witnesses followed the drunk and contacted the police. He was arrested.

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Luckily, the woman wasn't seriously injured. It could've been a lot worse. Unfortunately, her bike cab was totaled. That's an important source of income for her. Hopefully, she can get it fixed quickly. The victim doesn't think the suspect was penalized enough. I'm guessing Karma will eventually catch up with him. So much for hippie peace and love.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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