In a strange sports story twist, a professional team from Illinois will be playing an upcoming home game at a popular Wisconsin venue.

Chicago Pro Sports Team To Play Home Game In Milwaukee

I would say it's safe to think that Illinois and Wisconsin are friendly neighbors. The states' residents might make fun of each other but it's usually all for fun. There is a rivalry between the two places kind of like a pair of brothers.

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If I had to name the main issue between the residents of Illinois and Wisconsin, I would have to say it's sports teams. There is no love lost between fans and their teams in either state. Since they are so close to each other, they are usually in the same conference and play each other a lot during the season.

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There are several sports rivalries between Wisconsin and Illinois including Badgers vs Illini, Bears vs Packers, Cubs vs Brewers, Bulls vs Bucks, and IceHogs vs Admirals. Depending on who has the advantage at the time, things can get ugly.

Unless it was for some dire situation, I would never expect a pro sports team on the highest level from Illinois to ever play a home game in Wisconsin. That would be a very easy way to anger your fanbase.

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Well, never say never because the Chicago Blackhawks will be playing a home game next season at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee. Now, before getting all upset there's an explanation. It will be for a preseason game on October 5th vs St. Louis Blues.

Blackhawks (Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Championship Rally)
Blackhawks To Plat Game In Milwaukee (Getty Images)

I believe it's a smart move for the team. Fans usually don't come for the preseason. Since Milwaukee doesn't have an NHL team, the hockey fans will come out to support it. Plus, there's no rival for the Hawks in Wisconsin. I can see the team making this an annual thing.

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