Respiratory illnesses have been making their way across Illinois and it seems like everyone is catching something lately.

Tons of illnesses have been peaking this month with the below zero weather we're having.  Plus, it's cold and flu season so we're bound to get sick at some point.

If you've tested negative over and over for COVID, you could have a bad case of the flu, RSV, strep throat, and other viruses attacking your immune system.  Take preventative measures and keep your distance from those you know are sick, stay hydrated, and mask up.

Tons of people have a persistent cough that's been ongoing through winter, but it hasn't led up.  What gives?

"Some physicians say they are seeing more lingering cough than usual. Many of these patients have tested negative for the coronavirus, and the cough may be the aftermath of other circulating respiratory viruses." [WP]

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Tons of hospitals around the state have seen a high number of hospitalizations as we get further into the colder months, but respiratory illness levels have gone down.


That doesn't mean the respiratory virus season is over - we could see the numbers grow all through Spring time.

"Although I am happy to report that Illinois's overall respiratory illness activity is currently trending downward, respiratory viral season is still upon us with more than half of our counties still experiencing elevated levels of COVID-19 hospitalizations," said IDPH Director Dr. Sameer Vohra.  []

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'Tis the season to get sick, but make sure to check with your doctor if your symptoms continue to worsen.  Who knows what it could be with all the different types of illnesses circulating amongst us.

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