Dreaming of an incredible meal but can’t afford it? Are you a “champagne dreams on a beer budget” kind of person?

That’s fine I get it because I am too. If I had enough money in the good old back account to hit up the finest restaurants in the world, I would in a heartbeat.

Until I hit it rich I’m stuck eating at less than 3-star Michelin restaurants which, honestly, is fine with me.

What if I told you though, you could eat at one of the most highly-rated restaurants in America, without skipping a house payment?

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Well, at Chef’s Pencil, they listed the 10 Most Affordable Michelin Restaurants in America and one of them is in Illinois.

It’s called North Pond and apparently, it’s only $49 per person at this gem of an eatery.


Chef’s Pencil:

Chef Cesar Murillo and manager Loretta Montelongo have paired up to deliver delicious, outstanding cuisine that respects Chicago’s roots while adding subtle global flavors. Chef Murillo prepares exquisite dishes for North Pond clients, including gold-tinted tagliatelle with saffron, tossed with mussels escabeche. There are also mouth-watering desserts available, such as whipped yogurt with cocoa nibs topped with cinnamon ice cream.

Sunday Brunch at North Pond is listed as the cheapest option.

TripAdvisor reviewer 958jackh said “I enjoyed the relaxed Sunday Brunch menu and vibe” The food was “nice but perhaps not amazing memorable.”


I’d still check it out simply because how often can you eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant for only $49?

North Pond is located at 2610 North Cannon Drive in Chicago.

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