Are you looking to get your fright on this Halloween season? If so, you won't have to go too far to accomplish that goal.

When I think of creepy and spooky in Illinois, my brain takes me to some small nearly deserted town but in this case, it's the exact opposite. This town is absolutely huge.

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Travel Curator put together a list of the Spooky Towns to Visit This Halloween and while they cover the obvious spots like Salem, Sleepy Hollow, Transylvania, and New Orleans I was surprised to see this Illinois city on the list.

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Just because when I lived there I never figured it to be creepy, scary, or spooky.

I'm talking about the City of Big Shoulders, the Windy City. Whatever you refer to Chicago as it's apparently a spot you need to visit this Halloween season.

Photo by Rythik on Unsplash
Photo by Rythik on Unsplash

Travel Curator explains:

To immerse yourself in The Windy City’s dark side, visit the Nederlander Theater, which was the site of a 1903 fire at the then-named Iroquois Theater, thought to still be haunted by the ghosts of those who died.

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Wait what? I saw Hamilton there. I had no idea the Nederlander was haunted. That's awesome. I guess the only thing scarier than the price of a drink at the Nederlander are the ghosts (ba dum tss).

We also recommend checking out the former site of “Murder Castle”, which was the home of H.H. Holmes, a doctor, and pharmacist with a bloodthirsty obsession with death who is widely considered to be the country’s first serial killer. Holmes is believed to have murdered around 200 women, who he lured to work or stay at his hotel-style castle, during his 1891 – 1894 reign of terror.

'Holmes' Castle'
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I feel like the "Murder Castle" has got more pub in recent years. During my time in Chicago, that never came up, like, once. So I guess I have a hard time believing Chicago is really all that haunted.

What do you think? Is Chicago for real one of the most spooky towns in the world?

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