After the Rockford airport launched new direct flights to Los Angeles and Nashville, Allegiant Airlines now plans to cut a few of those routes from its schedule.

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Residents were stoked to hear that they can now book flights straight out of Rockford to LAX and Nashville.  It's more convenient, easier to navigate through the airport, and just a stress-free process when there aren't a thousand people trying to get through TSA, like at O'Hare.

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Tons of residents were under the impression that the Rockford Airport was "canceling all direct flights" to these popular destinations, but it's only select routes.

No, Rockford Airport Isn't Canceling All Flights To LAX & Nashville

Both destinations were seasonal and scheduled to run through late November. Now, Allegiant's last flight to LAX will be on October 13th and Nashville on October 28th.

According to a recent report, a cost-reduction measure is the reason for the route cuts, with delays in deliveries of Boeing aircraft causing Allegiant to incur “significant expenses,” according to President Greg Anderson, as well as a “loss of pilot productivity awaiting delivery of the 737 MAX aircraft.” [mystateline]

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You can still catch a flight from Rockford to LAX and Nashville, don't worry about that!  Allegiant Airlines made the decision to shorten the season's schedule due to Boeing delivery delays.

Now that we can fly to LAX, Nashville, Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; and Costa Rica... where are YOU headed? I can't wait to go to Cancun finally!

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