I'm not sure how people come up with this stuff, but Illinoisans know how to make me laugh sometimes.

Honestly, Facebook is where I find the best type of humor.  I mean, I gotta weed out all the political and controversial crap before I find some good quality content but it's worth it.

Some of the funniest people I know are on social media and their sense of humor is pretty top notch.  After I saw this word someone made up, I had to share it!

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ILLINOYED.  Yes, we turned it into an adjective now.

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Illinoisans Started Using "Illinoyed" As Part Of Their Every Day Vocabulary

Okay, I personally think it's hilarious because I would've never been that clever to think of something that funny... and somewhat useful in most conversations.

As much as we complain about this state we call home, it comes in handy!


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My favorite phrase Illinoisans use a lot is "Where ya goin'?" because we never really tell the person in the driver seat that they missed an exit... we just kinda question where they're headed lol.

What are some of your favorite slang words, phrases, or made-up words Illinoisans tend to use a lot?  Let me know so I can start using them!!!

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