The cicada invasion in Illinois is no joke. People are really scared because there are so many cicadas everywhere. These noisy, flying bugs are taking over, and it’s causing a lot of panic.

We were warned about the "Cicadapocalypse" before it happened, but I don't think we could've been prepared for the amount of bugs that would actually land in Illinois.

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Wanna know how bad it really is?  A woman in Chicago posted a TikTok of herself refusing to get out of her car because the amount of cicadas leading up to her house was freaking her out.  At this point, they've become a phobia for many people.

Take a look at the video emirosesneed posted:

Her family was asleep inside her house and she was outside terrified.  It sounds like she was having a panic attack thinking about how long it would take to open the front door. The longer she stayed outside, the more likely she was to get swarmed by cicadas.

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Even though cicadas aren't dangerous, their loud noises are enough to scare anyone.  They also travel in large numbers, which is also really annoying.

This cicada invasion has turned simple tasks, like walking to the door, into a terrifying challenge.  You're not alone if you fear these insects... soon, it'll be over.  Experts say the emergence could last through mid-June.

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