If you need something to do with your time in 2024, you might want to consider purchasing this house.

I looked at the cheapest homes for sale on Zillow and found this darling going for a paltry $3900. Some teenagers purchase their first car for more than that amount.

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Imagine owning a home for less than $4K but as you could have probably guessed it, there are a couple of catches.

RE/MAX Traders Unlimited via Zillow:

Some siding is missing. Several windows cracked/broken/missing. Exterior & interior wall repair needed on the south side in the kitchen area. Roof on both the house and the garage needs work. Mold possible due to water damage. Yard has not been well maintained over the last several years. Steps to basement are uneven and lopsided (no handrail). Dress according to how much of the property you want to inspect and use caution navigating questionable areas.

I don't think I've ever seen a listing mention what types of clothing to wear when looking at a place but that just happened. In case you're wondering, yes, the place is "as-is" and is going to need a ton of work.

RE/MAX Traders Unlimited
RE/MAX Traders Unlimited

Located in Canton, southwest of Peoria, it's the biggest city in Fulton County. The house might also be the biggest mess in Fulton County but all three bedrooms and one bath could be yours for a very low price.

RE/MAX Traders Unlimited
RE/MAX Traders Unlimited

You don't even need to see the place in person. Look at the inside of the home from the comfort of your very own place with no reason to "dress accordingly."

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