It doesn't have to be eighty degrees to enjoy ice cream!  A popular Illinois ice cream shop just announced they're opening back up for spring.

I have lived in Illinois for so long that ice cream is actually a must-have in my freezer at all times during the winter.  It sounds weird, but I crave ice cream more when the winter months roll around than in the summer time!

My favorite ice cream shop in the Rockford area has to be Dairy Depot in Loves Park or Dairyhäus in Rockton, hands down.  Both of these ice cream shops are extremely family-oriented and you can feel they serve all their ice cream with love!

According to Yelp, the top ice cream shops in the Rockford area are:

  1. Dairy Depot
  2. Sweets N' Eats
  3. Candy Cloud
  4. Cattle & Cream
  5. Quixotic Bakery

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I know plenty of other shops could've made that list, including one in South Beloit that just announced they are opening shop again next month!

Here's When One Of Illinois' Favorite Ice Cream Shops Is Reopening

M & M Dari Ripple announced on Facebook that they are opening back up for the season on Friday, March 29th, 2024 at 11:00am.

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Lots of Facebook fans were hoping they'd open sooner with the weather being beautiful over the next few weeks.  The business responded to customers saying, "The weather has been so nice. I can say I was thinking about it!!"

If you've never been to M&M Dari Ripple, they're located at 470 Blackhawk Blvd in South Beloit.  Their patio is super cute, too!

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