I've seen some hilarious signs at different restaurants around the Rockford area, but this one has all of them beat.  1000000%.

I used to be scared of a giant picture in the women's bathroom at Lone Star Steakhouse when it was over at Forest Plaza in Rockford.  It wasn't even anything crazy, just a Western-themed picture of a cowboy boot in the desert.  It just made me nervous a snake would come out of it when I'd use that stall!

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Well, if you've ever been to Windsor Pizza Parlor in Loves Park, Illinois and been in the men's restroom, you know they have a message inside the toilet lid that will give you a good laugh.

Hilarious Message Found In Men's Bathroom At Windsor Pizza Parlor

Who knew a bathroom could bring someone so much relief, alone time, and joy all at the same time?  I had my friend take a picture of the message in the men's restroom and I'm still laughing every time I read it!

attachment-sign toilet

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The audacity... I love it hahaha.  To whoever made the decision to have this as a nice surprise for every guest who uses the restroom, I applaud you.

I'm just imagining the decision being made... think about it, everyone is just busy at work and someone stops and says, "I think I know the perfect touch to spice up the bathroom."

I love when local businesses have a good sense of humor; it makes life more fun!

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