Just an hour drive from Rockford is a 125 year 'accident' that is still freely providing some of the most amazing water you will ever drink.

What got my attention right from the start, is likely the same thing that got your here...

What is a Fountain of Youth and how can I get some?

In St. Augustine, Florida, is where the most famous fountain of youth can be found. The fountain is a mythical spring that allegedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters.

Turns out Florida is not the only state that is home to a 'fountain of youth.' There's one just outside of Whitewater, Wisconsin and it has some of the same abilities as the fountain in Florida. Water of this quality can absolutely turn back your body clock.

The story of the Clover Valley Artesian Well

Back in 1895 a man named Adam Channing was digging a well by himself with just a trowel and his hands, when he hit a big surprise at 55 feet.

Photo by John Bogna on Unsplash
Photo by John Bogna on Unsplash

Adam had dug down to a water table where he unleashed water under immense pressure that began bubbling to the surface.

That water is released by aquifiers where water at a higher elevation puts pressure on the water below it causing it to flow out readily when given an outlet. That outlet came from Adam's digging and 126 years later it is still providing some 'youth-giving' Artesian natural spring water.


This is no ordinary spring water!

Spring water is also known as “live water.” Water that is ‘alive’ is fresh, clean, organic, and unprocessed meaning it is natural drinking water in its purest form. It has all the goodies that bottled water can’t even dream of possessing. Drinking alkaline spring water will help to neutralize acidity in the body and can reduce the amount of free radical damage. It will also help to keep bones and teeth strong and dense.

With all the positive things that good water can do to and for your body, it is a drink that really can dial back the clock. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and this is the first I have ever heard of this fountain. I'm looking very forward to my first.

For many, getting a gallon of water in your body daily (which is a great recommendation) is a greater joy when visiting the Clover Valley Artesian Well.

At Findaspring.com, Grandi0175 wrote about the Clover Valley Well,

This water is terrific! It’s very refreshing. We drink about a gallon of water/day so I drive there every 2 weeks and fill up at least 14 gallon jugs at a time

The other bonus that comes with a trip to Whitewater, Wisconsin is grabbing some of the world's best pizza, Rocky Rococo's. It's only 10 minutes from the well.

Natural Spring water, a slice of sausage & pepperoni and an order of breadsticks.


To get to the well, take Highway 12 to the south end of Whitewater, go south on Highway 89 for about a mile. Turn left on Anderson Road (just a small sign so look closely). Drive a mile or so east to Clover Valley Road and turn right. Go another mile and it’s on your right. It’s well marked. Or plug it into your GPS: 42.798925,-88.715157.

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