Everything in life costs something.  In Illinois, costs on literally everything are ridiculous and I can't stand it anymore!

I just turned 26 years old, so I've taken on so many new financial responsibilities - from my own insurance to renewing my Driver's License.  Both of those come at a huge cost and my bank account definitely doesn't like that.

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Insurance costs are understandable, but when I went to renew my Driver's License today I was not prepared to spend a whopping $30 to get a new piece of plastic with my face on it.

21 To 68 Years Old? Cost To Renew Your Illinois License Is Ridiculous

I found out it's not the same price for everyone in the state of Illinois to renew your Driver's License, which is sooooo bogus if you ask me!

I didn't ask to turn 26, why am I getting punished with a $30 charge... plus $1 service charge for using my debit card instead of cash?!


Here's the breakdown based on age:

To flat out get your first License, it's $30.

Renewing between 18-20 is only $5.

Renewing between 21-68 is $30.

Renewing between 69-80 is $5.

Renewing between 81-86 is $2.

Renewing between 87 and older is free.

I want to know who came up with these prices.  You would think the older you get, the more you should pay.  You won't be renewing your License as often, so it makes sense to raise the price on older people...


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That's just me trying to convince myself the price should be lowered for my age group lol.  Anyway, just make sure to bring cash when you renew yours so you can save an extra dollar on that service charge.

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