One of my favorite Wisconsin State Natural Areas to visit in the summer no longer allows visitors to cliff jump due to safety concerns.

When I was in college, my sister and I went to a Nature Preserve in Wisconsin that had a spot for visitors to cliff jump and I finally got to cross it off my bucket list.

Jumping into a 40-foot gorge and not knowing what lies underneath is actually a very terrifying thought.  There were dozens of people waiting to jump after me, so I didn't have much time to think and jumped in.  The most exhilarating moment of my life!

In Baraboo, Wisconsin, you will find a swimming hole called Pewit's Nest where a 30 to 40-foot gorge was formed during the retreat of the last glacier.

Pewit's Nest was famous for this gorge and I'm so happy I got to cliff jump into it before it was roped off to visitors so it could be preserved and protected.

Cliff Jumping Is No Longer Allowed At This Famous Wisconsin State Park

So many people have gotten hurt cliff jumping that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources finally restricted visitors from accessing the gorge in 2017.

"The protections at the 34-acre Pewits Nest State Natural Area calls for adding fencing and establishing a closed area at the edge of the gorge to keep hikers from crawling along the shaded cliff walls and leaping into the 30- to 40-foot-deep gorge." [jsonline]

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You can still hike and enjoy nature at Pewit's Nest, but cliff jumping is prohibited now to keep us safe!  Nobody wants a broken leg or head injury, am I wrong?

If you're wanting to see waterfalls this summer, Starved Rock State Park is actually one of my favorite places to hike and they have tons of active waterfalls in spring and summer!  Check it out here and plan your visit!

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