With summer temperatures rising, it's crucial to remember that leaving certain items in your car can be a potential fire hazard waiting to ignite.

I'm totally guilty of leaving random things in my car for too long because I'm too lazy to throw them out.  GUILTY AS CHARGED!

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Since the weather has been hitting the 80's lately, I try not to leave stuff sitting out in my car where it could be exposed to the sun.

I always have an irrational fear that things will catch fire and my car will end up like this...


My dumb fear left me wondering what actually would catch fire if I left it sitting directly in the sunlight.  So, I'm here to tell everyone who hoards this one item... you better start throwing them out!

Illinoisans, Remove This From Your Car Because It Could Catch Fire

Apparently, you shouldn't leave plastic water bottles in your car if it's hooooot.

"Experts said the combination of soaring temperatures and the plastic bottle make it a fire hazard. The risk comes from the bottle of water being left in a car that's in direct sunlight." [abc7news]



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Obviously, it would have to be at extreme temperatures to get to that point.  Better safe than sorry, right?  It'll give you an excuse to clean out your car!

You could always start piling the water bottles in your truck if you're really stuck on keeping them.  Just a suggestion!

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