When I say this is literally one of the best breakfast desserts I've ever eaten, I mean it.

Over the weekend, I went to Johnny Pamcakes with my boyfriend to celebrate us finding my missing cat, Noodles.  We were hungry, cranky, and everything in-between after the adventure we went on for nearly three hours.

I frequent Johnny Pamcakes because it's just one of my favorites in the Stateline!  The staff is always sweet, the food is always flavorful, and the menu is huge.

Johnny Pamcakes - FB
Johnny Pamcakes - FB

I also enjoy breakfast from Jerry's Café, Eggsclusive Café, and occasionally Alpine View with my grandma.

Sometimes, dessert is the best way to start your morning off right - in my opinion.  So I found a restaurant that combined breakfast and dessert onto one plate!

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Rockford Is Home To One Of The Best Breakfast Desserts In Illinois

Johnny Pamcakes' menu is huge, so it's always hard to decide what to order.  I've learned to stick with my two top favorites: Eggs Benedict and the Eskimo Waffle.

The Eskimo Waffle is what I like to call "Breakfast Dessert."  Starting from bottom to top, you have a fluffy, crunchy waffle with vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, syrup, and your choice of fruit.  Personally, I love their fresh strawberries and peaches.


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Though I'm not much of a fan of waffles, I will inhale this entire waffle the moment it is placed in front of me.  YUM!

The best part about this breakfast dessert experience is that you can pour syrup all over it and all the flavors will amplify your taste buds even more.  Sweetness overload!


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Honestly, I haven't found any other breakfast joint in the area with a dish like this.  If you know of anywhere else in the State of Illinois that serves "breakfast dessert," send them my way!

Ya girl never goes an hour without eating.  The more food I consume, the happier I am!

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