Let's just say you missed out on the big Facebook payday, you won't want to miss out on this one.

In case you forgot, there was a massive Facebook class action lawsuit totaling $645M for users in Illinois.

If you filed in time, and were a Facebook user, of course, you would have been entitled to about $345.


I'm not sure what happened here, but I never got paid by Facebook. I thought I filed but I must have not because I didn't get anything.

No big deal, but I won't forget to file for the Snapchat class action lawsuit.

If you feel the Snapchat lawsuit is eerily similar to the Facebook one, you're right on point.

Snapchat is being accused of breaking the same law Facebook did, the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Yahoo says Snapchat was "allegedly collecting voiceprints and scans of facial geometry."

So while the Facebook lawsuit was settlement was over a half billion dollars Snapchat's is smaller but still worth your time.


The social media platform denies any wrongdoing in the case brought against it in Illinois but decided to settle the litigation before it went to trial.

People qualify for a payout if they were a Snapchat user in Illinois who used the app features “Lenses” and “Filters” between 17 November 2015, and the present.

Carl Court, Getty Images

If you want to get in on the (class) action, you need to make sure you file the appropriate paperwork by November 5.

Submit your claim HERE.

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