17When you go out, wouldn't it be nice to do it at a place considered one of the best?

Personally, that's all I'm looking for. Life is too short to hang out at dumpy places, especially considering when you have some legendary spots in your home state.

That means there is no reason to settle for anything less than the tops.


Illinois has some of the finest watering holes, drinking establishments, tap houses, taverns, lounges, or whatever you want to call them in America.

I'm sure you could ask anyone of legal drinking age, and they will tell you their favorite place to have a drink or two.

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According to the experts at Food & Wine, they shared a list of the 15 Top Bars in the US. The best news is that all three are within arms' reach of us in the Land of Lincoln.



630 West Lake Street in Chicago

Owner Julia Momose uses both ingredients and techniques from Japan and weaves them seamlessly into a lengthy list of dinks that are often best experienced in omakase form.


The Violet Hour 

1520 North Damen Avenue in Chicago

Enter the polished interior through unmarked curtains and savor the Prohibiton-era vibes.



1338 West Fulton Street in Chicago

After is the companion space to chef Curtis Duffy's Michelin-starred restaurant.


Of the three bars above, Kumiko is the highest rated on Yelp, with a 4.4 overall. The Violet Hour is close behind with a 4.2, and After has a 3.9.

All are decently rated when considering how fickle most Yelp reviewers can get.

If I could only choose one, I would try The Violet Hour. I'd have to figure out how to get in first, though. The door is tough to find because of an ever-changing mural painted outside.


Maybe all three. What about you? Have you been to any of these bars? What's your favorite?

See below for the list of signature drinks across the US. Illinois' choice was a shock.

What Are the Signature Drinks From Every State?

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