Bring the kids for your next visit to Belvidere, Illinois' Summerfield Zoo, they'll be very excited to be a part of a new way to explore many of the animal exhibits. A new addition and some new babies to meet, this spring and summer at Summerfield Zoo.

Santa has long since left his cabin at Belvidere's Summerfield Zoo for the North Pole. While he's gone, it's time for some outdoor fun.

Summerfield Zoo Opens for the 2024 Season on April 20th

If it has been a bit since you've been to the farm and zoo, you should plan on visiting this season. While the costs of everything around us going up, Summerfield has kept admission costs the same, this year.

Summerfield is a community of local animal lovers, supported by you. It's a blessing to again have the opportunity to get close to so many different types of animals in a setting like Summerfield Zoo.

Blow Bubbles with a Hyena at Summerfield Zoo

Summerfield Zoo Facebook
Summerfield Zoo Facebook

"Kimari" is a female spotted hyena, who loves to play with bubbles. You can share a bubble experience with some of the animals at Summerfield, so don't forget to ask about it when you visit.

Another favorite animal to hang out with is "Reuben" the Tamandu (AKA anteater), who visited me once in the studio.

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So did a wolf pup...

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and, "Orville" the binturong.

You can bring your entire family to Summerfield Zoo, there's something for every age. This year, they've added a new way to explore the zoo.

Train Rides

Summerfield Zoo Facebook
Summerfield Zoo Facebook

All aboard! There's a new way to get around at Summerfield Zoo in 2024.

Summerfield Zoo Facebook
Summerfield Zoo Facebook

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Summerfield Zoo Facebook
Summerfield Zoo Facebook

Summerfield Zoo Schedule

2024 Opening Weekend April 20 & 21

Saturdays: 10 am to 5 pm

Sundays: 10 am to 4 pm

Weekdays beginning May 15th

Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays:

9 am to 3 pm

As I mentioned, Summerfield kept admission costs the same as last season.

  • Adults: $14
  • Seniors: $12
  • Children: $10


  • $10 per person

Daily Animal Show Schedule

Saturdays & Sundays:

12 pm and 2 pm

Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays: 

12 pm

Summerfield Zoo is located at 3088 Flora Rd, in Belvidere, Illinois. For any additional information, visit their website or Facebook page.

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