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Thanks to huge fourth-quarter earnings, employees of this airline in Minnesota are now due for some massive bonuses.

It's probably safe to say that many employees across the Land of 10,000 Lakes and the country haven't had much of a raise recently. And even if they *did* get a raise, it probably wouldn't be as much as the profit-sharing payments Delta Air Lines will be handing out to employees here in the Bold North later this winter.

I still kind of think of Delta as a 'Minnesota' airline, even though it's not headquartered here. Its corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, but since Delta merged with Minnesota's Northwest Airlines in 2008, Delta still has a major Minnesota influence.

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And, Delta just posted some really big earnings for the last three months of 2023. According to Delta's corporate earnings call on January 16th, 2024, Delta earned over a billion dollars during the fourth quarter of 2023:

'Earlier today, we reported our full year and December quarter results, posting fourth quarter earnings of $1.1 billion, or $1.28 per share, on record quarterly revenue that was 11% higher than 2022 and an operating margin of 10%.' - Ed Bastian, Delta CEO

That's a pretty fair profit, right? And, thanks to Delta's profit-sharing plan, much of that money will be going right back to Delta employees who work here in the North Star State and across the country.

Delta's corporate site explained more: "Thanks to the collective hard work and resilience of Delta’s 100,000 people, eligible employees will receive their share of $1.4 billion in Delta’s 2023 profits, which will be paid out next month on Valentine’s Day," Delta said.

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This isn't the first year that Delta will be sending out profit-sharing checks. Delta noted they've rewarded their employees with over $8 billion in profit sharing since first starting the program back in 2015, and also said this is the seventh year Delta will pay over $1 billion in profit sharing.

Delta didn't say exactly *how* much money each employee will be getting, but I think it's safe to say that this Valentine's Day will be extra sweet for Delta employees, right?

As I mentioned earlier, Delta merged with Minneapolis-based Northwest Airlines back in 2008. Northwest was one of those brands that was once huge here in Minnesota (kind of like Dayton's also was) but that now no longer exists. Which is the same for many of the following famous brands. Keep scrolling to see how many YOU remember!

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