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A popular Minnesota cafe, known for its delicious dishes and unique drinks, is currently offering a limited-time Harry Potter flight.

If you're a fan of the young wizard and love great food and coffee, it's definitely worth checking out this family-run business.

Back in 2012, Ulrich and Christina, along with their children Ella and Aidan, took over the cafe. Today, the Ettlin’s Cafe is a favorite with locals for breakfast and lunch.

The menu showcases a range of breakfast items, from monster-sized pancakes to classic omelets, alongside specialty items like the Czech Breakfast—a mix of scrambled eggs, dumplings, gravy, jiternice patty (Czech sausage), and kolacky.

Burgers, sandwiches, and soups are on the lunch menu, along with specialties like the Scotch Egg, featuring two hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage patties, served on hashbrowns with melted provolone, and a side of fresh fruit.

Wizardry in a Cup: Minnesota Cafe Delights Diners With Harry Potter Drink Flight

In the last year, The Ettlin’s Cafe has become even more popular. According to Ella Ettlin, the cafe rolled out coffee flights in June 2022, each featuring a distinct theme.

Now, people are flocking to the cafe to enjoy drinks inspired by various sources, including influences like Bob Marley, Animal Crackers, Minnesota Vikings, and popular TV shows like Friends and Stranger Things.

The Harry Potter flight is currently on the menu and is a "mixed flight" featuring two mocktails and two coffee drinks.

Ella told me, "The flight includes four different drinks inspired by the Hogwarts Houses.

Ettlin said, "The colors match the houses! They are: Gryffindor: Strawberry Cheesecake Latte, Slytherin: Creme De Menthe & Vanilla Mocha, Hufflepuff: Mango Spritz, and Ravenclaw: Strawberry & Blue Curacao Mocktail.

The Ettlin's Cafe is located at 208 4th Ave SW, New Prague, MN. Follow them on Facebook to see more of their fun drink creations.

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