Typically when the craving for junk food hits, I'm more inclined to find something sweet to satisfy that craving. If there's chocolate in the house, it will be the first thing to go. But, I also like sour candy, cookies, and ice cream. Now, that doesn't mean chips are safe in my pantry. Sometimes I'm craving something salty (and usually with a little spice), so I'll grab the Doritos, or my personal favorite, BBQ Fritos. But does my preference fall in line with you and the rest of our fellow Indiana residents? Let's check the data, shall we?

Indiana's Favorite Junk Food

Casinos.com recently looked at a year's worth of Google Trends to "measure the level of interest in 32 of the nation's favorite junk food/snacks." They did not include fast food, sodas, or chewing gum. After the numbers were crunched and the crumbs settled in the bottom of the bag, they determined these three junk foods were the preferred choices for Hoosiers.

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Sour Patch Kids

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As much as I love candy, gummy candy was not my jam for a long time. That's probably because I ate so many gummy worms on the way home from Disney World I made myself nauseous. But once the sight of gummy candy stopped making me ill many years later, I never craved it. I found things like gummy worms and gummy bears lost their flavor before I finished chewing them, leaving me with just a flavorless wad of gelatin in my mouth. Then Sour Patch Kids entered the world. Not only does the flavor last until the end, that coating of sour crystals on the outside is a delightful punch in the mouth, if such a thing exists.

Indiana is one of 20 states ranking Sour Patch Kids as one of its favorites, making this sour then sweet candy the top favorite in the country.


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On the salty/savory side of things, Pringles reigns supreme as the top choice for Hoosiers. Even though we all call them, "chips," they technically aren't. They're called "crisps" because they are made from dehydrated processed potato and don't actually include potatoes (I'm not sure how that works), so the Food & Drug Administration said they couldn't be called chips back in the mid-1970s. Honestly, it's probably best not to think about what they're made of, kind of like hot dogs. Just appreciate that they taste good.


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As much as I love chocolate, there is just something about the taste of a Twinkie. The soft, yellow cake with the creamy center just slaps, as the kids say (I'm not even sure if I'm using that term correctly). Maybe there's some nostalgia to it, I don't know. But what I do know, courtesy of this study, is that I'm not the only Hoosier who still enjoys them. It seems that many of us do.

To see what brands of junk foods other states, including our neighbors in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan prefer, check out the study's complete results at Casinos.com.

[Source: Casinos.com]

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