The bond between animals and humans is undeniable. You hear plenty of stories about the amazing connections between people and dogs, cats, and other four-legged, furry creatures. But you don't hear many stories about the connection between humans and fish. Until now.

40-year-old Rex Colubra is an avid scuba diver. Fox News reports that while on a dive several years ago in a lake in his home state of Wisconsin, Rex became 'friends' with a smallmouth bass. Rex stated that a number of fish seemed interested in his presence, but none quite like the fish he would go on to name 'Elvis'. Fox News reports that Elvis followed Rex around, even when he got out of the lake! When he returned to the lake two weeks later, guess who was there waiting for him? Elvis!

Rex told Fox News that he ended up feeding Elvis some crawfish, and the two have been friends ever since! Elvis follows Rex around the lake, getting up close and staring into his eyes. He is able to identify Elvis due to a scar on his face, no doubt from a fisherman trying to reel him in!

So how does Rex locate his fishy friend? Fox News reports that he uses a call underwater that Elvis responds to. Rex said that last year it took longer to find his friend than ever before. He feared that Elvis might have died or been caught. But he eventually showed up and the two swam together again. If you're wondering where Elvis the friendly fish lives, Rex isn't saying. It's a secret between best friends.

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