Racine is a city of about 80,000 people in Wisconsin just over the Stateline in the Eastern part of the state.

I've never been to Racine. But I assume it's like most other Wisconsin cities of that size. It's full of large happy people that love the Packers and cheese. There's probably roughly one bar for every mailbox in the city. And it gets cold there in the winter. I also assume ice fishing is pretty popular during the winter months.

Honestly I haven't even thought of Racine for probably about a decade before I saw this tweet from Rockford's own Shawn Ryan today.

Sidebar: If you have not seen Ryan's incredible drama about a corrupt police department called The Shield, but it on your to do list. It's the best show not named The Wire about a complicated police force. He also did a show called Mad Dogs that you should see if you've already seen The Shield. Or just watch The Shield again, it holds up a second time.

Anyway, here's the Tweet.

I was stumped. I think that instinctively I want to say RUH-Seen but when I said it out loud (possibly for the first time in my life) RUH-Seen and Ray-Seen both sounded correct.

For the record, Wikipedia has taken a stance in the ray vs. ruh debate in the opening sentence of the Racine entry. 

Racine (/rʌˈsn/ruh-SEEN)[8] is a city in and the county seat of Racine CountyWisconsin, United States.

What's the preferred method of saying Racine in your house?


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