I was always taught to throw away my trash. That's a good idea with the exception of like a billion items that are actually against the law to throw away in Wisconsin. Toss these things and you'll face consequences.

This is not a do not throw away list that I imagined out of thin air. No, this list comes directly from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. It's a pretty exhaustive list of items you're not allowed to dispose of in the trash no matter if it's your household or place of employment. They say the law in Wisconsin will find you and make you face consequences if you do.

  1. Antifreeze
  2. Automotive type batteries
  3. Brake fluid
  4. Carburetor cleaner
  5. Degreasers
  6. Gasoline and fuels
  7. Motor oil (used)
  8. Tires
  9. Transmission fluid
  10. Windshield washer
  11. Cleaner with ammonia
  12. Cleaner with bleach
  13. Concrete cleaners (acid)
  14. Disinfectants
  15. Drain cleaner
  16. Metal cleaners
  17. Oven cleaners
  18. Polish/spot removers
  19. Polish with solvents
  20. Pool chemicals
  21. Toilet/tub/tile cleaner
  22. Adhesives with solvents
  23. Floor/wax stripper
  24. Furniture stripper
  25. Paint, oil-based
  26. Paint remover/thinner
  27. Sealers
  28. Stain, varnish, lacquer
  29. Turpentine
  30. Wood preservatives
  31. Fertilizer with weed killer
  32. Flea spray
  33. Insect/bug killer
  34. Mothballs
  35. Rat/rodent poison
  36. Weed killer
  37. Aerosol cans
  38. Propane tanks (refillable)
  39. Propane tanks (small, nonrefillable)
  40. Ammunition/bullets
  41. Marine flares
  42. Lighter fluid
  43. Mercury
  44. Paint (artist or hobby paint)
  45. Thermometers (with mercury)
  46. Vaping devices

Many of these items are common sense. Of course you don't throw away flammable things that would be dangerous. But, I was not aware that mothballs and thermometers were such a no-no.

It would likely be a good idea to not just take my word for it and check the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources site for details and updates to this do not throw away list.

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