A list of the dirtiest cities in the US has been released and 2 of the dirtiest cities in the US this year are here in the Land of Lincoln, which two cities made the list? Here are the details...

According to the experts at lawnstarter.com, Chicago and Schaumburg are two of the top dirtiest cities in the US this year. Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago, ranks 24th on the list, while,  the Windy City of Chicago finds itself 27th on the list. As far as major cities go Chicago is ranked behind Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, and Las Vegas, which means Chicago is one of the cleaner major cities in the US.

How did they determine the list of dirtiest cities? On the site, they say "This year, we expanded the scope of our study to encompass over 300 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 4 categories. More specifically, we considered air pollution, water quality, waste management, and resident dissatisfaction levels in each city, among 21 total metrics." There are more cities from Illinois on the list, Rockford ranks 58th, Naperville ranks 69th, Aurora ranks 104th, and Springfield ranks 151st, to see the complete list of the dirtiest cities in the US, click here! 

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Does this ranking make sense?

I will say that the Chicago ranking makes a lot of sense to me, it is a MASSIVE city, so obviously, it is going to be dirtier than Naperville and other cities like that. However, Chicago should be ranked behind the other massive cities in the US because it does have alleyways where the garbage is collected, which helps keep the garbage out of sight (and smell).

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