There is a rumor circulating with some photographic proof that Missouri and Illinois Target stores now have an age restriction. I've reached out for answers and now have more questions than ever.

I believe that this rumor started with an article by The Street. It's actually a real policy that Target has deployed in at least one store. There's even photographic proof on Reddit showing what Target is apparently now doing.

Posts from the washdc
community on Reddit

If you read the fine print of the story by The Street, you'll see that it refers to what one Target store is doing in the Washington, D.C. area. They are no longer allowing anyone under 18 to shop alone without a parent or guardian. 

But, what about all other Target stores including the many in Missouri and Illinois?

I searched the Target corporate site and cannot find any reference to anyone under 18 required to have a guardian present when they shop. I also reached out to my local Quincy, Illinois Target store and the customer service person I spoke with had no idea what I was referring to.

I'm seeing posts shared inferring that Target is indeed restricting 18 and under solo shopping and others saying that's just after 4pm. What is the truth?

As of this writing, I cannot confirm that this new shopping restriction is in place in Missouri and Illinois Target stores. It's possible that it really is a new restriction and all stores are not alerted just yet.

As this is a developing story, I will update it once I learn some real facts.

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