If you think your state has more snake-infested rivers than Missouri, you're wrong. Simple as that. I have proof that no state has more reptiles in rivers waiting to ruin your day than Missouri does right now.

I have seen many people passing around a list of the 9 most snake-infested rivers in America. It's an interesting read that only has one real conclusion. Missouri rules them all.

Here's some simple snake and river math. Of the 9 most snake-infested rivers, only one state has 2 of the top 9. Guess which state that is? Congratulate yourself if you answered Missouri. 

Here's some more Missouri snake math. While both the Mississippi River and Missouri River which both obviously traverse by and through the state of Missouri are listed among the top 9 for reptile population, there are many other minor rivers that also are full of Cottonmouth snakes, etc.

Here are the snakes in Missouri's many rivers:

  • Cottonmouth
  • Timber Rattlesnakes
  • Water Snakes
  • Plain-bellied water snakes
  • Graham's crayfish snake
  • Eastern massasauga
  • Kingsnakes
  • Diamond-back water snakes
  • Mississippi Green water snakes
  • Midland water Snakes
  • Garter snakes

I could go on and on. As a bonus, many of the snakes in Missouri rivers are venomous. I was working a Missouri county fair many years ago and a girl walked up to our booth with a swollen arm. She was looking for a medic as she had been bitten by a Missouri water moccasin. Fortunately, she ended up getting help and was fine.

There are so many snakes in Missouri that a 2-headed snake is currently on a tour of the state by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Don't even mention your state (unless it's Missouri) when it comes to snakes in rivers. No other state even comes close to what lurks under Missouri's waters.

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