The old Ivy League consists of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and others but what schools are in the "new" Ivy League? Two of them are located here in the Land of Lincoln!

According to an article from NBC Chicago, Forbes put together a list of "New Ivies" public and private universities, and the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and Northwestern University made the list.

In the article, they say..."Forbes compiled an "exclusive survey" of hiring managers to help identify 10 public universities and 10 private ones that are "turning out the smart, driven graduates craved by employers of all types."  The article mentions that rising costs, rising protests, and rising antisemitism, at the original Ivy League schools could lead prospective students to look elsewhere for further education and these new Ivy League schools could be a great option for those students.

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Did Forbes get it right?

If this list didn't include Northwestern and the University of Illinois, I would be bashing the list. Having U of I and Northwestern on the list is correct, does that mean the rest of the list is right? I will say I was a little surprised to see the University of Florida on the list, that school to me has always seemed more like a party/athletics school than a school for a great education. On the private list, I was surprised to see Rice in Texas being compared with Vanderbilt, Northwestern, USC, Notre Dame, and others, but good for Rice! To see the lists for yourself, click here! 

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