I am not one who is prone to follow fads. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot for me to do what other people do. This suggestion about Missouri porch lights is an exception. There's a good reason why many are changing their porch lights to green and I believe that is a great idea. I also believe they should stay green, too.

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Porch light colors can mean many things. A typical white porch light is meant for lighting (shocking, I know). Others turn their porch lights to purple to show support for those suffering from domestic abuse.

I have a colleague in Texas bring up an idea that I think should be put into practice in Missouri, too. Let's turn all of our porch lights green. 

What does a green porch light in Missouri (or anywhere) mean?

No, it has nothing to do with Christmas. Bob Vila mentions that green porch lights show support for US military veterans. There's even a Twitter/X hashtag GreenLightAVet.

I do tend to ignore internet trends, but this is one case where I'll gladly jump on board. Many believe that enough isn't done to support our military veterans and I'm definitely in that camp. Just making a change to a green porch light is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to show visual support for those that have or currently serve our country.

How great would it be to drive through town and see the streets lit up green? Let's make it happen.

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Gallery Credit: Treasurer, Missouri.gov

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