This is not the trivial thought coming from a random internet person. It's one of the most prominent and well-respected travel websites in the world that just named a Missouri place 'America's Tree City' for Christmas.

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I remember seeing Travel + Leisure magazines when I was a kid (spoiler alert: that was a really long time ago). As a matter of fact, the publication predates me by decades. Their "about us" page says their first issue was in 1937.

Modern day Travel + Leisure has just declared a town in Missouri 'America's Tree City' and there's good reason for it.

What city in Missouri just got this honor?

Congrats and high-fives to Branson, now officially 'America's Tree City'.

Why did Travel + Leisure name Branson, Missouri 'America's Tree City'?

They stated "the city has over 700 decorated trees during the holidays at both indoor and outdoor locations. There’s even a “Christmas Tree Trail” from Nov. 1, 2023, through Jan. 1, 2024". That's an impressive effort by anyone's measure and the zillion other Branson places that decorate trees for the holiday just add to their Christmas time domination.

It's not every day that Travel + Leisure mentions a town in Missouri, so well done Branson. In this case, I'd say they highly deserve the Christmas tree attention.

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