The NFL released every team's schedule for the 2024/2025 season, can the Bears win double-digit games and make it to the playoffs? Let's break down their season week by week...

If you don't have time to read my thoughts on the Chicago Bears 2024/2025 schedule, or you'd just rather hear me explain my thoughts on the schedule just watch my YouTube breakdown of the schedule below!

Ok, let's go through it! The Chicago Bears Schedule...

Week 1- Bears win at home vs the Titans, easy win in Caleb's debut, glad he starts the season at home at noon, not in primetime.

Week 2- Bears lose on SNF at Texans...The Texans are a tough team with a great QB, this will be a tough one for the Bears to win.

Week 3- Bears win at the Colts, Bears have a better roster and a better QB this should be a win.

Week 4- Bears lose at home vs the Rams, Stafford, and McVay with no cold weather to worry about, that is a tough game for the Bears to win

(2-2 through week 4)

Week 5- Bears DEMOLISH the Panthers in Chicago 44-10

Week 6- Bears lose in London to the Jags, tough matchup and overseas travel, a recipe for a loss

Week 7- BYE (early by don't love it, but could be a good reset for your young QB after an international game)

Week 8- Bears WIN at Washington, a matchup of the #1 and #2 picks, but the Bears have a much better roster.

(4-3 after week 8)

Week 9- Bears beat the Cardinals in Arizona, Bears have a better roster, and will be on their first win streak of the season

Week 10- Bears WIN at home vs the Patriots, MUST win at home vs an inferior QB and roster, 3-game win streak

Week 11- Bears beat the Packers in Chicago, tough game, but the Bears are at home and on a win 4 game-win streak after the close game.

Week 12- Bears DESTROY the Vikings in Chicago, 5-game win streak

Week 13- Bears lose on Thanksgiving to the Lions in Detroit

(8-4 after the Thanksgiving loss)

Week 14- Bears lose to the 49ers, they have a better coach, better roster, and better culture.

Week 15- The Bears win in Minnesota against the Vikings, JJ throws 3 picks.

Week 16- The Bears get swept by the Lions...They have a better roster, coach, QB, and are a step above the Bears...

Week 17- The Bears take down the Seahawks in Chicago, lord only knows at this point fo the season who is healthy... but if both teams are healthy, the Bears are better.

Week 18- The second year in a row the season ends with a LOSS to Green Bay...The Packers and Bears will each with their home game vs each other if both teams are healthy.

Final...The Bears are 10-7 and in contention to make the playoffs, the KEY point of the schedule is off the bye winning against Washington, sweeping Minnesota, beating the Cardinals, and beating the Patriots. Those are MUST-win games if the Bears want to get to 10 + wins.

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