According to sources the Governor of the Land of Lincoln is warning agencies about cuts and is refusing to sign an unbalanced budget. How much in cuts are we talking about? Here is what we know so far...

According to an article from Local 12, Governor Pritzker won't sign an unbalanced budget and is warning agencies to expect $800 million in cuts to get the budget balanced and signed.

In the article, they say "In February, Pritzker proposed spending $52.7 billion... Pritzker says the message being sent by a memo directing state agencies to anticipate $800 million less to spend than what he proposed..." The article goes on to outline all of the different ways in which the Governor defends his nearly $53 billion dollar budget and the tax increases he has proposed (like the one on sports gambling), for more information on all of this, click here! 

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How is this not a "Drop in the Bucket"?

Don't get me wrong, I am ALL ABOUT less spending in government and making cuts, but this seems like a headline grab from the governor. He proposes a nearly $53 BILLION budget and is now saying "I won't sign until it's balanced and we cut $800 million" That $800 million is like a tiny drop in the bucket when you're talking about $52.7 BILLION, he wants to spend $52.7 billion of our tax dollars but doesn't want to spend an extra $800 million...Oh Gee, Thanks! Hopefully, they can get a balanced budget passed before the deadline at the end of this month.

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