One of the most popular water brands in Wisconsin is now under an urgent recall due to a contamination that could cause serious problems with your nervous system, brain and even cause reproductive issues.

If you're not aware, there was already a huge water bottle recall that began back in March, but according to Food Safety News it now has expanded to include Wisconsin. The water in question which was produced by Fiji has been contaminated with manganese and 3 other bacteria types.

If you have the 500 ml bottles of this Fiji water, you may very well be affected by this recall.


Here's what you need to look for on the bottle:

  • UPC Code: 6 32565 00004 3
  • Bottle UPC Code: 6 32565 00001 2
  • Product Quantity: 78,533 cases
  • Code Information: Nov. 11, 2023, Nov. 12, 2023, Nov. 13, 2023, Nov. 24, 2023, Nov. 25, 2023

These are the lots that were found to have manganese and problematic bacteria that can wreck your nervous system and brain. It's also a big problem for those trying to start families according to the CDC.

If you find that you have this very popular water that is widely available in Wisconsin and nationwide, you should get rid of it or return it to the store you purchased it from.

As of this writing, there are no reports that I can find that connect this recall to specific illnesses or hospitalizations. Check the Food Safety News bulletin for more specifics and updates to this urgent water bottle recall.

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