According to major news outlets the FBI has set up a new command center in the Land of Lincoln, should you be concerned? Here is what we know so far...

According to an article from ABC 7 Chicago, the FBI has officially set up a brand new command center in the city of Chicago in preparation for the Democratic National Convention that is being held in Chicago in late August this year. The command center's goal is to ensure the city's happiness and health during the convention.

In the article, they go on to say "The aim is to prevent terrorist attacks or other calamities and better respond if they do happen...There are about 80 Chicago police officers assigned to the FBI center, with various federal and local taskforce teams as part of a modern law enforcement partnership model that works to address different kinds of crime problems." The article also mentions that the FBI has had a command center in Chicago, and this newly renovated one is opening just in time for the Democratic National Convention, to read more on this story, click here! 

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This is great for the people of Chicago

I lived in Chicago for years and if I still lived there I would be thrilled to hear this news ahead of the Democratic National Convention coming to Chicago. There are going to be lots of people descending on the city during that time, some will be there to cause problems, and if you are just some regular Chicagoan trying to take the Red Line to work every morning this news is music to your ears. The city is preparing and that preparation will hopefully lead to keeping the citizens of Chicago safe during this convention.

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