If the world ever faces a nuclear disaster or any end of the world scenario, better hope you're in or near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prepper resources claim there are more than 1,200 fallout shelters there.

One of the most popular TV series these days is Fallout on Amazon Prime. It's made the topic of fallout shelters and nuclear nightmares fashionable again. It was that show that led to a curious search which revealed there are (allegedly) a stunning number of places to hide from the end of days under Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The website Milwaukee Fallout Shelters has a map that must be seen to be believed.

Infographic, Milwaukee Fallout Shelters
Infographic, Milwaukee Fallout Shelters

If your device is capable of seeing it, there's even an interactive version.

They also shared a throwback newspaper article from 1972 which showed Milwaukee residents how to escape nuclear disaster and even create their own home shelters as part of a 28-page survival plan.

The prepper map shows shelters of all kinds that may (or may not) still be valid now including apartment shelters plus commercial, education, medical, churches and government fallout shelters. I thought I was a little paranoid, but it appears that Milwaukee puts my paranoia to shame. Impressive.

The Milwaukee Fallout Shelters website has more resources than I've seen in years for how to survive a nuclear attack in one specific area. All cities should be so fortunate to have so many places to hide.

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Gallery Credit: Atlas Survival Shelters via YouTube

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