All I can say is stop the madness now. There's really a push to ban most decaffeinated coffee in both Missouri and Illinois and I have so many questions.

Let's start with what's in most of the popular decaf coffee that's prevalent in Missouri and Illinois. One of the key ingredients is Methylene Chloride. That is a substance that is being questioned for potentially being dangerous.

There is a real effort to make key ingredients in decaf coffee illegal as documented by the Federal Register and that would remove the most popular decaf coffees in Missouri and Illinois off the shelves.

This has become such a contentious issue that the National Coffee Association is pushing back and saying "reject calls to ban decaf". They advocate moving to a European method of manufacturing decaffeinated coffee which they claim actually has big time health benefits and avoids potential cancer-causing ingredients. They argue that banning all decaf coffee in America because of this one ingredient will leave only a handful of brands on the shelf and drive prices through the roof.

Infographic, NCA
Infographic, NCA

Will this movement to ban decaf coffee succeed and result in very few brands being available in Missouri, Illinois and other coffee-loving states? Time will tell, but it's a real issue that will be addressed sooner or later.

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