This is some of the hardest math I've done in my life. I got curious about how the wealthiest people in the world compare to the richest in Missouri. Would you believe the richest dude I could find anywhere around the globe is apparently more than 25 times wealthier than Missouri's top guy?

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I used Forbes newest 2023 billionaire's list for my reference point for this rich get richer comparison. Let's crunch some numbers. They say that the world's richest man/family is Bernard Arnault. This is Bernard. He's a French businessman. A very wealthy French business guy worth an estimated $211 billion dollars.

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The richest man that actually lives in Missouri is Johnny Morris who created Bass Pro Shops. Forbes has Johnny's estimated wealth at around $8 billion give or take a few bucks.

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Thanks to my handy Windows calculator, we can figure out the difference between these two gentlemen.


I checked an update from Forbes and they say those numbers may or may not be accurate as of today. The real time wealth calculator shows Bernard now "only" worth $191 billion. Did he have to gas up his car like me? Asking for a friend. Johnny Morris (or John as Forbes calls him) is still worth $8 billion.

This billionaire fact won't change the way you and I live our lives today, but it's just a slight indication of how wealth in Missouri is a bit different from the rest of the world.

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